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At The Columbia Exchange, it’s our dedication that differentiates us from other Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies. The Columbia Exchange is a family, our customers are not just a package or a PMB number to us, they are Real People, Real Lives, experiencing Real Events, who deserve quality handling services of the Real Things being shipped to them.  

The Columbia Exchange cares for our family of over 3000 registered customers!

Wethered Timberworks, LLC dba The Columbia Exchange presents


LIMITED TIME OFFER - Not a handout but a hand up.

Fundraising for The Columbia Exchange's new facility.


We have an exciting new temporary program designed to assist The Columbia Exchange (previously the Waneta Quick Stop) in building the new logistics services facility thereby saving the same superior parcel and freight services at the same close distance from the border for our loyal Canadian clientele.


With this limited-time offer, our clients are able to lock in 2019-2020 parcel and freight receiving rates and enjoy the same superior services at the new location (next door) until their pre-paid credit is used up, at that time service fees will revert to the 2020-2021 price schedule.



Pre-pay the amount you choose from the table below thereby gaining access to a multi-faceted return by


1. having your service fee rate locked in under the 2019 price schedule and


2. benefit from an added percentage above the amount pre-paid under this temporary program. Earn a benefit from 20% to 50% depending on the amount you pre-pay.


This is a win/win for our great customers. The higher the prepayment amount the greater the return and overall savings on future service fees with The Columbia Exchange/Waneta Quick Stop.




$100                            20%                  $120

$500                            25%                  $625

$1000                          35%                  $1350

$5000                          40%                  $7000

$10,000+                    50%                  $15000+


This program will only be offered until we have the required funds to quickly build a new parcel barn and office, which has already broken ground and currently has a 40' container to operate out of.


Simply email wetheredoffice@gmail.com to sign up for this limited time offer. Specify in your email your full name, customer number, and the amount you wish to pre-pay, and a Paypal invoice along with the terms and conditions will be emailed back to you. Once the invoice is paid your allotted credit will be applied to your account and you may begin using it immediately at the 2019-2020 fee schedule.


The 2020-2021 fee schedule will be uploaded and effective once it is published.


The Columbia Exchange

Previously Waneta Quick Stop

Logistics Services, Heavy Freight Shipping, Receiving, and Storage

Parcel Services, Private Mail Box Rental, Commercial Mail Receiving Agency,

Short term parking & storage.



Receiving and Storage

Parcels, Heavy Freight, Vehicles

The Columbia Exchange can handle just about any size parcel , freight, or vehicle you need to have shipped to our location. With majority of businesses offering free shipping within the continental USA you can save on shipping costs to your USA address.

PROPER ADDRESS FORMAT per the United States Postal Service CMRA requirements





Outgoing Drop Off

FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, and Heavy Freight 
Drop off Location

The Columbia Exchange is not only your USA Street address, private mailbox receiving and storage warehouse, but you may also drop off outgoing shipments.  


The Columbia Exchange is a drop off location for pre-paid outgoing shipments for various carriers including the FedEx, UPS, the United States Postal Service, and multiple Heavy Freight carriers. Most carriers stop daily to make deliveries and pickups, heavy freight normally carriers deliver to The Columbia Exchange once per week.


A Prepaid postage shipping label or bill of lading must be attached to outgoing shipments, carriers will not pick up shipments without prepaid postage or BOLs.




Outdoor Large Item Storage

Boats, Cars, Trailers, You name it we will store it 

The Columbia Exchange can receive and store the big stuff right here at the border!


The Columbia Exchange Clients have stored palletized goods, boats, trailers, motorcycles, antique cars, sheds, and concession stands until the paperwork for import was approved and The Columbia Exchange clientele was able to import their purchases.

Whether you need a couple of days to a few weeks to sort out paperwork, never fear The Columbia Exchange is here. Our Agents will work with you on the best storage plan to accommodate your needs starting at $10 per day with reduced rates for long-term storage


Store Hours

Parcel pickup available during open business hours UCC must be scheduled during open business hours.



WQS Agents receive deliveries everyday carriers deliver.


Frequently Asked Questions

My order said Free Shipping, why are you charging me?

WQS is not affiliated with your seller. WQS charges a handling fee to use the USA address, receive, and hold your package which is not included in your seller's shipping. The fees at WQS cover the use of your USA address at WQS. By using WQS address you agree to our terms of service.

My order says my parcel has arrived in Colville, why isn't it here?

 Items will show “signed by” and “Delivered to Agent” when they are at WQS. WQS is not the Colville Post Office, WQS is a privately owned commercial mail receiving agency. Once items arrive, WQS needs time to scan, log, sticker, and sort every item.

My order says it was delivered today, can I pick it up?

WQS Staff needs time to process; daily received items are not in our system until we sort, log, sticker, and place each item in our warehouses.  Multiple carriers complete daily deliveries ranging from 50-400 items—every day.  Please wait until the following day of the delivery notification from the carrier or seller.

EXPEDITE- $5 in addition to the receiving fee.


Please message in advance if you expect to “expedite.”

FedEx Express is exempt from this policy

Express arrives “around 4:30 PM” daily

I don’t have a customer number yet, do I have to drive there first?

Don't have a PMB number yet?

You must submit the form 1583 to WQS and the Colville Post Office before you can use your PMB.

Use your WQS assigned PMB number on every "ship to" address.

The US Postal Service will "return to sender" any item improperly addressed and any addressee that does not match the 1583 form on file at the Colville post office at their sole discretion.

The Customer Number assigned by WQS Agents is your PMB number.

Every customer who receives mail and parcels at WQS is a Private Mailbox client.

By using this address you agree to our terms of service.

Why wouldn't I write Waneta Quick Stop?

WQS has over 3000 registered customers using “their USA address.” By using WQS address you agree to our terms of service which provides your own private USA address. You are shipping your order to You, NOT to the Waneta Quick Stop.

Do you take Canadian money?

Yes, at the current daily local exchange rate, based on the rate at which our USA  financial institution will purchase it.  Your rate will always be better at your financial institution

Why are you charging me Postage Due?

The USPS inspects all its deliveries, sometimes their reasoning is due to the shipper using the wrong packaging, or entering the incorrect dimensions/weight. Postage Due is assessed by the USPS. WQS will NO LONGER “front” ANY amounts for our customer's convenience. WQS never charged any markup or fee for Postage Due Loans. Postage DUe Loans are no longer an option at WQS unless arranged in advance in writing.

Why are you upset and charging me because I am meeting the delivery driver on the street and don't want to pay WQS?

By using WQS address you agree to WQS Terms Of Service.  When items are ordered and WQS address is used for the order we charge a fee to use our address, that is the business model. When people use WQS address and attempt to avoid paying the fee it is considered stealing. People caught stealing from WQS will be “trespassed” from WQS by filing a report with the Stevens County Sheriff stating this person is no longer welcome because of theft. Once a person is reported as trespassed if they attempt to visit the store they may be arrested for “trespass”.  Three trespass violations in the US and there may be an issue crossing the border.

CMRA Services Terms of Service



The Columbia Exchange / Waneta Quick Stop

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