PMB Parcel Center

From tiny soft bag packages to Giant pallets and vehicles  
 TCE CMRA Agents are standing by to handle your shipments

The Columbia Exchange offers an array of options for parcel and freight handling. 
Perishables are loaded directly into a refrigerator and stored below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heavy freight capacity up to 5000lbs, and storage for an assortment of Vehicles / Boats / Trailers.  

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2019 Price Schedule

Private Mailbox Services

We can handle Big Freight up to 5000 lbs too!

Small to GIANT, one to a truckload, there are no limitations to what TCE can handle for you. Small parcel handling fees start at $3 per parcel. Rates go up based on size and weight, please refer to the chart on the left for more detailed pricing information.


Parcels Storage is FREE up to 60 days for UPS and FedEx shipments then the parcel becomes abandoned unless claimed and a long term storage agreement is made. Heavy freight has a separate storage policy and fee scale. USPS mail and parcels may only be held for 13 days and returned to the carrier unclaimed on the 14th day.


Due to valued client demands over the years, TCE offers a 60-day holding period for UPS and FedEx shipments before any parcel is considered abandoned (without being claimed) which provides cross border shoppers ample time to reach out and schedule a long term pickup.

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How To Ship To YOUR USA Address

By using the address 4155 Deep Lake Boundary Rd, Colville, WA  99114 you agree to the Waneta Quick Stop Terms of Service as published online.

We Receive Heavy Freight Too!

United States Postal Service CMRA Addressee Shipping Label & Return Address Required Format

Please ensure you fully comprehend the strict United States Postal Service policy concerning shipping labels and your CMRA address or you will not receive items shipped via United States Postal Service which may include United Parcel Service’s (UPS) Sure Post and FedEx’s Smart Post.

United States Postal Service Required Format for ALL CMRA customers nationwide:



PMB (use your assigned number here)




How to get your WQS customer number to receive United States Postal Service mail in your name at Waneta Quick Stop:

Fill out the WQS Customer agreement and the United States Postal Service Form 1583 at Waneta Quick Stop and we will assign your customer number also known as your Private Mailbox number.

Unable to make it to WQS?


If you are not able to make it to WQS you may download the United States Postal Service form 1583 from the United States Postal Service website (or our website, or our Facebook page post), fill it out, have it notarized and have your designated authorized agent (the person you have authorized for picking up your parcels from WQS) bring it in to a WQS CMRA Agent.

You may send your completed notarized United States Postal Service Form 1583 to us via FedEx Express to:





Waneta Quick Stop’s CMRA Agent must have the original notarized United States Postal Service form 1583 to submit to the United States Postal Service.

United States Postal Service FORM 1583 IS MANDATORY


Anyone who does not submit a complete United States Postal Service form 1583 will not be eligible to receive mail at this address through the United States Postal Service which may include FedEx Smart Post and UPS Sure Post items originally shipped with UPS and FedEx that are transferred to the United States Postal Service for final delivery. The US Postal Service has suggested WQS CMRA Agents refuse to accept all parcels and mail as "Insufficient Address" that do not have the PMB number.

Urgent Customer Care

Monday, Tuesday, or after hours pick up appointments

PMB Urgent Customer Care (UCC)

NOW FREE with your paid annual PMB Membership

Email or Message via FB to TCE Agents during Open business hours to schedule a UCC appointment.


Include the tracking number for each parcel and your email address for TCE Paypal Service Invoice.


TCE will verify the parcels, validate the appointment (date and time), and include a PayPal invoice in a reply.

Once payment is received by TCE, our staff will pull the parcels with the designated tracking numbers into UCC holding for the scheduled pickup appointment.


Arrive at TCE for the scheduled UCC appointment, WQS Staff will bring your parcels to your vehicle. *The parcel handling fee still applies.

Package Delivered